20th March, 2017

ROT13 web proxy

A web proxy that uses ROT13 to cipher data.

wsantos.io/p is a web proxy that remotely fetches web pages and uses ROT13 to cipher text during transit - evading HTTP/HTTPS packet inspection since the text is obfuscated.

This web proxy works by remotely fetching web pages from the URL entered into the text box; the URL is sent to the web server via AJAX encapsulated in a JSON object. Once the remote server has fetched the web page data, any character from a-z (the key is alphabetical only, so less data needs to be ciphered - improving performance) is ciphered using this ROT13 algorithm. The ciphered web page data is then sent back to the client via AJAX, encapsulated in another JSON object; the client has a small AJAX callback function which is executed when it receives the ciphered web page data from the web server. The callback function passes the ciphered web page data to a JavaScript implementation of the ROT13 algorithm described above - this reverses the ciphering process and injects the web page data into a Bootstrap modal dialog. Finally, a small loading gif is displayed when the URL is sent, and is hidden and replaced with a status message when the web page data is / isn't received from the web server because everybody likes status messages.

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